Good eats.

The traditional start to a meal here is with hot fresh bread and a kind of salty olive salsa, I really like it…



…then maybe the Chilean version of a caesar salad.

Note: the kilo of olives, they really like olives here. Ceasar-Chile

It’s pretty inexpensive to get a complete meal with a starter, entree, and dessert for around $8-10 US. This is just one of the desserts we got one day, and, yes, those are flower petals on top of a fresh berry custard pie.



We’ve been eating pretty well just on trips to the markets, too. And lots of fresh fruit for cheap. Ken’s chicken tacos were some of the best I’ve ever had.


And, well, I’m not sure why they call it “DeadGirl” chocolate, but it was delicious.DeadChildChocolate

2 thoughts on “Good eats.

  1. Everything looks so yummy and most seem healthy. Do most of the natives have weight issues like the states. Probably not if they walk those hills.

  2. I have seen exactly one overweight adult here, and exactly one overweight child, that’s it. They were walking together and the kid was holding an ice cream treat in each hand. There is no fast food here, unless you count the home-made empanadas on every street corner, and I would venture to guess that many here don’t even own cars, so they walk everywhere.

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