As Chilean as Empanadas

Chileans have two favorite national dishes, the empanada and the completo. Ken will tackle the mysterious glory that is the completo in another post, but this is my numero uno.Empenada1[space_80]

They are sold everywhere, even in the little neighborhood bottle shops. They are all slightly different, and we have been on a “quest to ingest” as many of these as possible for comparison. The most common is the empanada de pino, which is ground beef, carmelized onions, cilantro and spices, a single slice of hard-boiled egg, and one whole black olive, complete with a pit. (The first time the pit was a bit of a surprise, but now we just call it the “lucky” olive.)



They are not only delicious, but make a great lunch at around 600 pesos, which is only a dollar. Here is a banana for scale. ———>


I wish I could fill up my suitcase with these so you could all try one…




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