Cerro Polanco: home of the graffiti festival

StreetArt321-109We heard the ascensor up to this hill (cerro) was a cool one, so we were eager to check it out. Unfortunately, the “ascensor” was a simple elevator without any windows! They even charged us to ride it. So funny. The view from the top was stunning though and the hill had many extraordinary murals. Another massive photo collection, but well worth the time to peruse them.

StreetArt321-106This neighborhood saw the tourism dollars that street art has brought to other neighborhoods around Valparaiso, and they thought this was a good way to both spruce up the otherwise drab streets and grab some of those tourism pesos for themselves. They have invited artists from all over the world to participate. Four years later, this effort has brought dramatic changes to this previously depressed area of town. Enjoy the incredible colors and creativity!StreetArt321-97

StreetArt321-168 StreetArt321-167 StreetArt321-166 StreetArt321-165 StreetArt321-164 StreetArt321-163 StreetArt321-162 StreetArt321-160 StreetArt321-159 StreetArt321-158 StreetArt321-157 StreetArt321-156 StreetArt321-155 StreetArt321-154 StreetArt321-153 StreetArt321-152 StreetArt321-151 StreetArt321-150 StreetArt321-149 StreetArt321-148 StreetArt321-147 StreetArt321-146 StreetArt321-144 StreetArt321-143 StreetArt321-141 StreetArt321-140 StreetArt321-139 StreetArt321-137 StreetArt321-136 StreetArt321-135 StreetArt321-133 StreetArt321-132 StreetArt321-131 StreetArt321-130 StreetArt321-129 StreetArt321-128 StreetArt321-126 StreetArt321-123 StreetArt321-122 StreetArt321-121 StreetArt321-120 StreetArt321-119 StreetArt321-118 StreetArt321-117 StreetArt321-116 StreetArt321-115 StreetArt321-114 StreetArt321-113 StreetArt321-112 StreetArt321-111 StreetArt321-110 StreetArt321-108 StreetArt321-105 StreetArt321-104 StreetArt321-103 StreetArt321-101 StreetArt321-100 StreetArt321-99 StreetArt321-98 StreetArt321-96 StreetArt321-95 StreetArt321-93 StreetArt321-92 StreetArt321-91 StreetArt321-90 StreetArt321-88 StreetArt321-87 StreetArt321-86 StreetArt321-85 StreetArt321-84 StreetArt321-83 StreetArt321-79 StreetArt321-78 StreetArt321-76 StreetArt321-75 StreetArt321-74 StreetArt321-73 StreetArt321-72 StreetArt321-71 StreetArt321-70 StreetArt321-69 StreetArt321-68 StreetArt321-67 StreetArt321-66 StreetArt321-65 StreetArt321-64 StreetArt321-63 StreetArt321-62 StreetArt321-61 StreetArt321-60 StreetArt321-59 StreetArt321-58 StreetArt321-57 StreetArt321-56 StreetArt321-55 StreetArt321-54 StreetArt321-52 StreetArt321-51 StreetArt321-50 StreetArt321-49 StreetArt321-47 StreetArt321-46 StreetArt321-45 StreetArt321-43 StreetArt321-40 StreetArt321-37 StreetArt321-36 StreetArt321-35 StreetArt321-34 StreetArt321-33 StreetArt321-32 StreetArt321-31 StreetArt321-30 StreetArt321-29 StreetArt321-27 StreetArt321-26 StreetArt321-25 StreetArt321-24 StreetArt321-21 StreetArt321-20 StreetArt321-19 StreetArt321-17 StreetArt321-16 StreetArt321-15 StreetArt321-14 StreetArt321-13 StreetArt321-12 StreetArt321-11 StreetArt321-10 StreetArt321-9 StreetArt321-8 StreetArt321-7 StreetArt321-6 StreetArt321-5 StreetArt321-4 StreetArt321-3 StreetArt321-2 StreetArt321-1

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