Fish Tales: the restaurants on top of the market

We’ve heard a lot about the fish restaurants on top of the central market, so we wanted to check out the scene. Right away we were waylaid by an eager waitress that pulled us into her restaurant past several others. There was much rapid-fire Chilean Spanish coming at us from the waitress, but no amount of us asserting “we’re sorry, but we only speak a very little amount of Spanish” could seem to deter her from a constant stream of dialog interspersed with questions we had no ability to decipher. We just shrugged and allowed ourselves to be lead to a table. You’ll see what we mean:

We are using technology on our phones to translate the menu live. It’s really cool technology, but still kind of a beta sorta thing. Not perfect, but usually enough to get the gist of the situation. We really liked the cool construction of the building.

[kad_youtube url=”” width=420 height=315 ]

There was a constant flow of street vendors with items for sale ranging from jewelry to art approaching our table. More interestingly, we also had a couple of musicians serenade the restaurant while we were there. One had a broken guitar and a broken voice to match and wasn’t that interesting, but this musician was both deft on his instrument and melodic with his voice. Really made for a nice touch for the atmosphere with our meal. Like many Chilean performers, he works for tips, so we were sure to tip him well to show our appreciation of his sharing his talent with us.

[kad_youtube url=”″ width=420 height=315 ]

Finally, our main course arrived, and while Karma’s was recognizable as what she ordered, Ken’s was not. Ah well. One of the local guardian kitties first made a move to steal our chorizo sausages while we were otherwise distracted. After that attempt failed, kitty took a more direct approach, jumping up on Ken’s lap in an attempt to make it to where all the delicious food was. It was more amusing than bothersome.

[kad_youtube url=”″ width=420 height=315 ]

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  1. Really loved the videos. I always wondered what it would be like ordering food in a country with no English. Phone translator not so good. Kitty thought it looked awesome.

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