Guess who just became a poker star? (updates!)

KarmaIMG_20140319_103130779_HDR just entered the Latin American Poker Tour, part of the World Series of Poker!

She is one of the very few women to enter this four day poker event, and is playing head to head against some of the best players in the world today.

Not only that, but she got seated at the VIP table behind the rope (with the past winners) so she will likely be televised from the very start.

Get live coverage at this link: LAPT Live!

Total prize pool = $317,750 USD!

Top 10% of players get paid with the majority of the prize pool going to the top three positions.

UPDATE – Day One, Break Two (four hours played so far):[hr]Karma is going strong! The first two hours had her behind the velvet rope at the VIP table sitting next to last year’s champion and looking cool and in-charge on the video/TV stream. She had the highest hand/win ratio of anyone at the table for most of the round.[hr]The second two hours were a bit slower without too many hands played. She’s betting well and reading her opponents very well. It’s just about time for the diner break now so I should have more information soon.

UPDATE – Day One, Break Three (six hours played so far):[hr] Karma started this round with just over 15,000 of her original 20,000 chips. She’s been battling with Carter Gil, the reigning champion from last year, all day long. She hasn’t gotten much to work with from the cards, but she is more than holding her own. This is a critical time and she’ll need to make some moves soon, as blinds are going up and she needs to build her chip stack to stay competitive.

UPDATE – end of day one (eight hours played):[hr] Karma was doing well, making some moves. She went all-in twice in the third session and doubled up her chips both times. In her final session, she went all-in pre-flop on a pair of aces, but the chip leader caught a flush on the river and ended her fantastic day. She finished ahead of more than half the field.

Karma says “It was fantastically thrilling, unexpectedly exhausting, and incredibly valuable to my game. There are many things that I’m going to take away from this day that I haven’t even had time to process yet. I’m going to sleep like a baby, knowing I played my best game.”

What a fantastic adventure! I’m so glad I got to share it with her!


3 thoughts on “Guess who just became a poker star? (updates!)

  1. Dad and I so enjoyed watching you. Couldn’t read your eyes! Glad you had such a memorable exciting experience. Being in the right spot at the right time.

  2. Wow that sounds like an exciting day for you. I am glad that you were able to have such a great time. It is so fun being part of something that makes you feel good and a celebrity for a moment in time. Congrats

  3. That sounds super cool! I wish I could watch the video, but the link is blocked on the computer I’m on, so I’ll have to wait. Yay Karma!!

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