Hunting for our favorite muralist, Inti

StreetArt-325-82We¬†fell in love with Inti in Santiago when we saw his huge murals next to our hotel. We heard he has done some work here in Valparaiso so we’ve been on the lookout for it. We got a glimpse between some buildings but could not see it well. We saw what looked like a good viewpoint and climbed up there a couple of days ago to see if it offered the view we hoped for. It did, and we got some wonderful shots.




We even found couple more murals by him a few blocks uphill from our viewpoint. Here are those shots and some of the other street art we captured that day.

StreetArt-325-93StreetArt-325-43StreetArt-325-42StreetArt-325-112 StreetArt-325-113 StreetArt-325-111 StreetArt-325-110 StreetArt-325-109 StreetArt-325-108 StreetArt-325-107 StreetArt-325-106 StreetArt-325-105 StreetArt-325-104 StreetArt-325-103 StreetArt-325-102 StreetArt-325-101 StreetArt-325-100 StreetArt-325-99 StreetArt-325-98 StreetArt-325-97 StreetArt-325-96 StreetArt-325-94 StreetArt-325-92 StreetArt-325-91 StreetArt-325-90 StreetArt-325-89 StreetArt-325-88 StreetArt-325-87 StreetArt-325-81 StreetArt-325-80 StreetArt-325-79 StreetArt-325-78 StreetArt-325-77 StreetArt-325-75 StreetArt-325-74 StreetArt-325-73 StreetArt-325-71 StreetArt-325-70 StreetArt-325-69 StreetArt-325-68 StreetArt-325-67 StreetArt-325-66 StreetArt-325-65 StreetArt-325-63 StreetArt-325-62 StreetArt-325-61 StreetArt-325-60 StreetArt-325-59 StreetArt-325-58 StreetArt-325-57 StreetArt-325-56 StreetArt-325-55 StreetArt-325-54 StreetArt-325-53 StreetArt-325-52 StreetArt-325-51 StreetArt-325-50 StreetArt-325-49 StreetArt-325-48 StreetArt-325-47 StreetArt-325-45 StreetArt-325-44 StreetArt-325-41 StreetArt-325-40 StreetArt-325-39 StreetArt-325-38 StreetArt-325-37 StreetArt-325-36 StreetArt-325-35 StreetArt-325-34 StreetArt-325-33 StreetArt-325-32 StreetArt-325-31 StreetArt-325-30 StreetArt-325-29 StreetArt-325-26 StreetArt-325-25 StreetArt-325-24 StreetArt-325-19 StreetArt-325-18 StreetArt-325-17 StreetArt-325-16 StreetArt-325-15 StreetArt-325-14 StreetArt-325-13 StreetArt-325-12 StreetArt-325-11 StreetArt-325-10 StreetArt-325-6 StreetArt-325-4 StreetArt-325-3 StreetArt-325-2 StreetArt-325-1

2 thoughts on “Hunting for our favorite muralist, Inti

  1. Love the catch of the white cat with themural of the cat. Also I have never seen stairs painted on the edges as you found. The birds and cats murals were so pretty and cute. They must love cats as much as dogs.

  2. Holy cow, that’s a lot of amazing and gorgeous street art! What are the laws regarding graffiti there, do you know? It seems to me that other countries have more reverence for it as an art form – maybe that’s even true here in the bigger cities as well, I dunno. It’s great to see such an abundance of it and so well done. Beautiful!

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