Introducing: PLATN | the elemental wallet


We’re working day and night finishing our prototypes and staging for our impending product launch and thought we’d post a couple shots of our new wallet line here. We’re starting with aluminum and copper. We really love these wallets. The aluminum is timeless, classic, unchanging. The copper develops a patina that changes with time and handling, becoming as unique as the owner.



materials-brown-black-leatherWe’re also offering two versions in natural vegetable tanned leather. Coffee infused for the dark brown version using a technique we developed ourselves and then finished with bee propolis. For our black leather version, we use an ancient all-natural solution called vinegaroon, created by dissolving iron slowly over several weeks in distilled vinegar. Combining with the natural tannins in the leather, the vinegaroon process strengthens the leather and makes it jet-black through and through. We’re absolutely gobsmacked with the leather results.

Head on over to our new company site at and check out all the exciting details!

UPDATE: All our wallets are available at our Etsy shop.


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