Loving the central market!

Central MarketThe central market is stuffed with every kind of fresh fruit and vegetable and fills an entire city block. It’s even surrounded by meat and fish markets. We took our giant backpack and stuffed it full with lots of great food.

3 thoughts on “Loving the central market!

    • It’s interesting. We heard some warnings about eating lettuce and other things that grow on the ground and are presumably sprayed with nasty chem. They were suggesting that people rinsed their veggies in bleach water.

      We thought that was crazy and another local I spoke to said he never heard of that and they just wash with soap and water if they are concerned.

      We have noticed that there are not really any “organic” sections in most of the markets. They do promote hydroponically grown veggies like lettuce and they even leave the roots attached to prove the hydroponic source. The presumption is that if it’s hydroponic, they didn’t spray it with anything evil.

      Just a really different approach to the whole thing.

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