What did you call me?!? (updated)

Here are a few more things in the category of the odd or unusual. First, we found a shop with an unusual name. If you don’t know the translation, it’s more than a little offensive. We bought some artisanal chocolate with cardamom there by “la muerte chiquita” which means, “dead girl”. It was muy delicioso.

StreetArt-325-46[space_40]Next, we found something really unexpected. Someone posted a quote by USA drag queen RuPaul. It translates as “We are all born naked, the rest is drag.”




Apparently they have no love for hipsters here in Valpo either…[space_40]


We also saw a contemporary gargoyle peeking out over the corner of a building.[space_40]StreetArt321-0


Anarchy is alive and well in South America. Here is some graffiti highlighting that. I don’t know what the repeated symbol means, but I especially like the dead bug and how this graffiti is “in your face”.

“respetate a ti mismo” means “respect yourself”.


Mural in progress

Here is another absolutely huge mural being painted on an apartment building. This was two days worth of work, applied using a window washer’s rig hung down from the roof.


[space_40]Cone HeadWe also found a Chilean walkman that featured all different kinds of local sounds and music. A bit unwieldy, but who’s complaining?

[space_40]Later that day we ran into a German style tuba/accordion/clarinet band up on one of the hills. There is something unexpected and delightful everywhere we look in this town.

[space_40]They make streets to last around these parts. Cobblestones last hundreds of years without significant maintenance vs asphalt or even concrete that require constant upkeep. Cobbles may make for a bumpier ride, and are relatively expensive and time consuming to place just so, but they sure are durable and kind of awesome. Here is some “roadwork” in progress.


Finally, there is no piped gas in town, so propane tanks are sold door to door by a guy who comes by twice a day. Like an ice cream truck plays a tune to announce itself to the children, the gas man has his own method of announcing his presence.

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