Barkers and Bauhaus… the Museo de Bellas Artes in Santiago (updated)

Here is the Museum of Fine Art in Santiago. What a treasure trove of different artists and styles. We had a great time exploring at length.

dogs outsidedogs insideOne of the major exhibits was about dogs, and they had a great outdoor transitional element of life size bronze dogs climbing on cables strung from the ground to the top of the roof, and inside from the ceiling down into the exhibit itself, which was a surreal dog’s eye blue landscape of dogs doing dog sort of things. It seemed really appropriate as there were dogs hanging out all over the city.

dogs blue


Bau Haus film

Next was a Bauhaus Film exhibit. It’s easy to forget sometimes how influential this design movement was and still is.

Bauhaus screensThis exhibit featured Bauhaus films being displayed on translucent screens positioned around the room. Viewers were able to walk around the exhibit and experience the films from different perspectives. We really enjoyed this.


3 panelsmixed media portraitThere were a ton of other artists represented as well in the various galleries and with the sculptures presented.

As always, click all the images for a larger view.

panels 1 skeleton man and boy panels 2 museo de bellas artes horse head heavy releif painting goddess columns ArtBombs



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