Museo de Bellas Artes Valparaiso: Palacio Baburizza

This museum was a famous residence of a local shipping magnate, designed and built by world renowned architects Barison & Schiavon in 1916. It contained many fascinating objects including pieces from Louis the XV and Marie Antoinette. The level of lavish was pretty impressive, even as a museum. Some of the architectural details included marble fireplaces with incredible tapestries and elaborately carved doorways covered in leather.

The washroom in particular was impressive. Marble details everywhere and a shower that almost defies belief with elaborate plumbing that created an omnidirectional waterfall for the user.

Of course there were paintings of all kinds as well. We favored some that were small, some that were large, some that were historical, and some that were simply interesting.

Last but not least was the sculpture. Not a lot of it, but the pieces they did feature were interesting and provocative. We were impressed once again.

3-23 marble fireplace and tapestry3-23 marble fireplace small3-23 leather covered door detail 3-23 leather covered door 1 3-23 fancy doorways3-23 fancy details

3-23 bathroom tub3-23 bathroom sink3-23 bathroom shower3-23 bathroom shower detail

3-23 painting tiny

3-23 painting life size3-23 painting valparaiso 19023-23 painting valparaiso 18823-23 painting louis XV3-23 painting landscape3-23 painting haywagon3-23 painting cool guy 53-23 painting cool guy 43-23 painting cool guy 33-23 painting cool guy 23-23 painting cool guy 13-23 painting construction3-23 painting cities


3-23 sculpture trial 1 3-23 sculpture sex eclair 2 3-23 sculpture sex eclair 1 3-23 sculpture machu pichu 3-23 sculpture armor 2 3-23 sculpture armor 1 3-23 exploding egg 2 3-23 exploding egg 1

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    • That museum was really something. I guess it was closed for 12 years for structural renovations before reopening in it’s current form.

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