Obstacles, distractions, and dogs! Oh, my…

Staying focused on a simple walk, whether taking the steps down to shopping or going for a stroll up the hill, is a practical impossibility here. There is too much to look at, so many noises, a plethora of ways to get tripped up on the cobblestone patchwork sidewalks peppered with a few uneven stairs here or there…

We took one of these walks the other day, just to explore the street our condo is on. Having already been through the maze of stairs and graffiti-painted walls that ascend from the market stalls down below, we left in early afternoon to walk higher up the hill to scope out more residential offerings, with the ultimate goal of finding a cafe to rest and see more of the city from above our daily vantage.

One of the first things that became apparent was that is was useless to put the camera back in my purse. Every time we’d walk a few feet, there was a new thing to photograph; a stunning piece of graffiti, a beautiful iron gate on a parking stall, a lamp post decorated with amazing tile work.

When we finally reached the top of our journey (probably only half way up the mountain) we found our little cafe. A delightful bistro run by a German woman who used to be an architect back home, and relocated several years ago to Valpo. We each got an entire meal for the equivalent of around $8 US. Starting with savory blue crab cake and a salad filled with unexpected locally-sourced veggies, and ending with our choice of dessert. Ken picked the 20-layer orange cake, while I had the fresh vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup. Our meal came with a beverage, so we had fresh squeezed strawberry and white peach juices. Just wow…

Here is our walk, ending with the view from the cafe.

As always, click on any of the pictures for a larger version.

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