Our San Francisco Dream is Realized!

Ken and Karma have been working toward moving to San Francisco for a couple of years now. We moved to Yreka at the end of 2014 in order to be closer to the city (driving distance) for job interviews. It’s been a challenging transition period. Ken had not marketed himself in the bay area before, and it took the entirety of 2015 to figure it out, which positions to target, and where to look for jobs.

san francisco

By the end of the year though, Karma had worked Ken’s resume into a stunning infographic presentation style. This gave Ken’s submissions visual punch and helped him stand out from the crowd. Ken also started targeting “Sales Engineering” positions as they are a difficult niche to fill and are a perfect match for his background. This targeting started bearing immediate results. He also submitted his information to some engineering boards and have had recruiters contacting him as well.

At the start of 2016, we moved to Redding to do some work on a resort property there for three months. While we were there, Ken continued to do interview after interview, all of them very positive. Now we are finally seeing the results of all our efforts.

Ken just landed a lucrative contract-to-hire Compliance Consultant position at Splunk in San Francisco! We just got word that he starts tomorrow. It pays enough to live in the city and the company is looking for lots of good talent, long term.


Splunk is a San Francisco-based machine data analytics company (of about a thousand employees world-wide) that is growing rapidly. They’ve got a couple of buildings in the South of Market neighborhood two blocks from the embarcadero at the base of the Bay Bridge.

Ken will be working on some really esoteric technical writing pertaining to ISO certifications, governmental certifications, HIPAA HITECH, PCI Compliance, and so forth. This is just his first project though. Once he proves myself, he believes there will be lots of opportunities within the company moving forward.

splunk 1

So we’ve loaded up the car with our stuff and the cat and we’re on our way to San Francisco for Ken’s start tomorrow morning. We’re beside ourselves with excitement and anticipation. Thanks so much for all of your support!

More to follow….

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