Parks: not just for kids.

You can’t walk three blocks in any direction without running in to a park. Some of them take up a whole city block with fancy statues and fountains. Others are what Ken and I call “pocket parks,” just shady spaces with trees and a few benches to rest in the heat of the day.

Everybody uses these parks. Kids playing, teenagers skateboarding, shoppers pausing with their bags to rest in the shade, old men chatting or playing chess.

In this park, I was thrilled to see they have folding tables and stacking chairs for anyone to use for games. They had probably 30 or so tables going when we walked through. Backgammon, chess, cribbage, poker, gin rummy and some card game I’d never seen before, and they all had money out to gamble.

I wonder how they’d feel if a tall blonde woman asked to sit down? Might be fun, since I don’t think they’d see me as much of a threat…