Polanco Views

The entry to the Polanco Hill ascensor; we heard it was cool and were so excited to ride…PolancoEntry[space_80]We walked a good deal straight in to the mountain, which was actually quite refreshing. It was nice and cool on a day that wound up being upwards of 95 degrees.PolancoTunnel

The walls were drippy, and it was slightly unnerving to be in a tunnel under a mountain. (especially in a town that gets several earthquakes every day)

When we finally paid our 100 pesos for the ride up, it was just an elevator.

I won’t bore you with the inside of the elevator.

But the views from the top were totally worth it. And, frankly, we walked enough that day; sometimes being able to start halfway up the hill is kinda nice…

[space_80]PolancoView3 PolancoView2 PolancoView1


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