Rhythm of a Splunker

Where week one was about landing and getting our feet, week two was all about getting into the rhythm of this incredible city and our new lives here.

By week two, Ken was starting to get productive in his new role at Splunk. He did quite a bit of FedRAMP training online in between other tasks in order to learn the documentation formatting and content requirements that this incredibly detailed framework requires. It’s fascinating work and his boss and the team he’s working with are super supportive and positive.

Splunk headquarters is just unreal. This was pretty much Ken’s first day:


splunk signThe offices are really beautiful. They took a historic building, kept the brickwork and renovated the interior dramatically. They are finishing another huge renovation and are expanding next door in a couple of weeks to more than double their available space. The buildings have a very modern aesthetic and decor with good lighting. The layout wraps around an interior courtyard with outdoor seating and a basketball hoop.

The sheer amount of catering that shows up to this company on a daily basis is inspiring. They really care about staff and keeping everyone well fed. All the catered food is gourmet and all varieties are featured, usually at once. Indian, vegan, Mediterranean, Mexican, Thai and various kinds of yummy street food all make regular appearances.

splunk food

Each floor has it’s own lunch room. Each lunch room is stocked with all kinds of cold cuts and breads for sandwich making, tons of different hot and cold beverages, a huge snack wall of dispensers with all kinds of healthy and delicious snacks such as almonds roasted in olive oil and sprinkled with rosemary, or dark chocolate covered pretzels, beef or turkey jerky, chips, and much more. Conspicuously absent are the candy bars, cookies, and M&M type snacks. We really appreciate their efforts to provide healthy foods.

Here’s just one day’s selection of options:

Ground Floor Kitchen – Salad / Sandwich Bar
As stated on placards
2nd Floor SOUTH Kitchen – City  Smoke House


  • Pulled Pork Bowl – GDNES
    Whole pork shoulder smoked for 14 hours with apple wood
  • Pulled Chicken Bowl – GDNES
    Hand pulled rotisserie chicken seasoned with roasted garlic and house seasoning
  • Grilled Portobello Bowl – GDNEV
    Grilled portobello mushroom with City Smoke House special seasoning


  • Mixed Green Salad – GDNEV
    Blend of Romaine, Red Leaf, Mache, Frisee, Radicchio and Mizuna


  • Cole Slaw – GNSV
    Crisp cabbage and carrots with homemade creamy dressing
  • Potato Salad – GDNESV
    Potatoes, celery, onions, and carrots tossed in a creamy dressing and garnished with chopped parsley
  • Mac and Cheese – NSV
    Three cheese blend of cheddar, sharp cheddar and monterey jack topped with toasted panko bread crumbs


  • Bbq Sauce – GDNESV
    Homemade slightly sweet and tangy BBQ sauce
3rd Floor NORTH Kitchen  – Edoko Japanese Resturant 


  • Chicken Teriyaki – DNE

    Grilled chicken breast with lite teriyaki sauce served with steamed seasonal vegetables and brown rice

  • All American – DNX

    Alaskan, Hawaiian, California roll

  • Special Roll Platter – DNX

    Dragon roll, dynamite roll, Lion King roll

  • Sunshine Platter – DNX

    Spicy tuna roll, California roll

  • Golden Gate Platter – GNE

    Salmon/cream cheese, salmon/avocado, salmon/cucumber

  • Nasu Dengaki – GDNEV
    Miso glazed eggplant
  • Sakura Platter – DNV

    Seaweed salad, veg. temp roll, cucumber roll, avocado roll, mushroom roll

  • Bonsai Platter – GDNEV
    Cucumber roll, avocado roll, kobocha, edamame roll, bonsai roll> lettuce, cucumber, avocado and daikon sprouts
V – Vegetarian | Ve – Vegan | G – Gluten Safe | D – Dairy Safe | N – Nut Safe | E – Egg Safe | S – Soy Safe | X – Shellfish

splunk beerDid we mention that every break room has kegs of adult beverages on tap? From top-shelf microbrews to assorted ciders to gourmet kombuchas to non-alcoholic and even non-gluten options, Splunk has something to offer for all tastes.

splunk pinballThey also have some vintage arcade games (perfectly restored and fully functional), a shuffleboard table, a pair of electric go-karts, a couple of vintage pinball machines with unusual dynamic features that make them special and extra fun to play (all free of course). Ken doesn’t eat all the foods or play all the games but he sure does appreciate having the options that this company offers. They sure are good to their people.

At the end of week two, having settled into the cottage in Pacific Heights, we were looking forward to our first real chance to get out and exploring the city over the weekend.


3 thoughts on “Rhythm of a Splunker

  1. This place looks great, I love that they kept some of the character of the older building that they renovated.
    I am so happy you got a spot in hog heaven to be appreciated, and grow.

  2. Wow, you talk about a dream job that is the best you could possibly imagine and then you see this, it is totally over the top. Then when all this sinks in, and you’ve pinched yourself, you realize HOLY GUACAMOLE BATMAN, they even pay me to come here. It just doesn’t get any better then this. Congrats and keep flying high.

  3. What a company. That sounds like some great options for food and fun. I will enjoy hearing more about life in San Francisco.

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