Riding and rapping on the Metro

Riding the Metro here in Valparaiso is cheap and fun. The fare is variable depending on time of day and how far you ride. They scan a card when you enter a station and when you leave a station. The cheapest fare is about 75 cents and the most expensive is about double that. We were riding the Metro over to Vina del Mar to check out the casino there in this short video. It is common for musicians to ride the Metro and perform for tips since they can ride back and forth as long as they want and finally get off on the same stop where they started and it doesn’t cost them anything to ride. A good way to get a free captive audience and make a few bucks on your talent.

Apologies that the video is a bit bouncy. The car jostles around a lot and it was too packed to sit down that trip.[/video]

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    • It shook every day we were there, but all the buildings are built to handle constant quaking so no significant damage usually happens. Since the last big one in 1906, they’ve remained super focused on earthquake tolerant construction.

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