So much street art on cemetery hill (pt 2)

Graf-41We¬†climbed this hill a couple of different times and from a couple of different routes. Some of the street art on this hill was unlike anything Graf-109 Graf-108 Graf-107 Graf-106 Graf-105 Graf-104 Graf-103 Graf-101 Graf-100 Graf-99 Graf-98 Graf-97 Graf-96 Graf-92 Graf-90 Graf-89 Graf-88 Graf-87 Graf-86 Graf-85 Graf-84 Graf-83 Graf-82 Graf-81 Graf-80 Graf-79 Graf-78 Graf-77 Graf-76 Graf-75 Graf-74 Graf-73 Graf-72 Graf-71 Graf-70 Graf-69 Graf-68 Graf-66 Graf-65 Graf-64 Graf-63 Graf-62 Graf-61 Graf-60 Graf-59 Graf-58 Graf-57 Graf-56 Graf-55 Graf-54 Graf-53 Graf-52 Graf-51 Graf-49 Graf-46 Graf-50 Graf-45 Graf-44 Graf-43 Graf-39 Graf-38 Graf-37 Graf-36 Graf-35 Graf-34else I’ve seen here.



2 thoughts on “So much street art on cemetery hill (pt 2)

  1. Really enjoyed and loved some of this incredible art. I like muted tones and soft colors. The oriental piece was so nice and the video!

    • It’s somewhat overwhelming the sheer quantity of street art here. We’re only posting the best that we find too. For every photo we take, there are at least five that didn’t make the cut. I really liked that Japanese woman with the fish as well.

      Another unexpected thing is the amount of very blue art of underwater scenes. We’ve seen maybe a dozen in all and I wouldn’t expect it to be such popular content/style.

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