Splunk Upgrade! Ken moves to Splunk Global Security

Well, it’s been a busy couple of years since I started contracting at Splunk!

When I came in the door, I started as a contractor and worked on a few different contracts for my first six months, first for Security Operations, then for SplunkZero, then for IT Operations. They loved me and loved the versatility I provided between different departments and projects.

Karma has been such an enabler of all this success! There is ZERO chance I could have pulled this off without her massive, continued and amazing support. It’s every day, all the time, and makes all the difference in the world. It allows me to put the vast majority of my focus into the work, allowing me to really exceed expectations.

When they offered me a full-time role in the fall of 2016, they attached me to the IT Project Management office under the CIO reporting to the PMO Director. This allowed me to serve the Security Operations department, IT Operations, SplunkZero, IT Project Management department and finally Business Applications. I was the first technical writer at Splunk that was not directly attached to the documentation department and I was doing very well in my new role.

About 6 months later, Security Operations got a new CISO, a SUPERSTAR by the name of Joel Fulton who ultimately split off the security functions from the CIO to his own silo. My IT PMO manager at that time, Brian Spanswick took a new role under Joel as his Director of Strategic Initiatives. I was very sad to see that work move away from my IT PMO department as it was the most interesting work I had performed to date. My new director was a wonderful woman and I enjoyed working for her a lot, but I really missed the security work.

I kept performing well and bringing good value to my role (all performance evaluations at 100%) and watched the career openings to see if any opportunities in that department might be a good fit for me.

In the meantime, I started a couple of social clubs, the first being the Splunk Paper Aircraft Association and the second being the Splunk Science Society. This raised my visibility tremendously and I got sent kudos privately by our CEO and my efforts were mentioned in the company all-hands meetings as sterling examples of great Splunk Culture. I ultimately was recognized with the David Roger Carasso Award for my efforts.

Flash forward to this spring and a perfect role opened up in Splunk Global Security (SGS), the new name for what was Security Operations. In fact, the role was directly modeled on my position in the IT Project Management Office! Instead of dedicating the role to an individual manager in Splunk Global Security, they anchored the role to the Strategic Initiatives office under my old Director, Brian! That means this role can serve all the different departments under SGS.

I applied almost the second the role became available and I was scheduled for interviews with three of the new managers that this role would be serving. They liked what I brought to the table and I had a fourth surprise 1 on 1 interview with the CISO Joel directly! Talk about pressure! Fortunately, Joel is an amazing leader, was able to put me at ease immediately, and cut to the heart of who I was as a person and what I would be bringing to this role with great questions, follow-up and just casual conversation about his goals for the organization. At the end of the interview, he told me that there was no need to leave me hanging and that they would offer me the role.

So I got the position! This ends up technically being a lateral move as I maintain the same title of “Sr. Technical Writer” but in actuality, the scope, the importance, and the visibility of this role is far more elevated. There is a ton of great work being accomplished in this org right now and my new role is central to everything that is happening. I’m working on presentations that are going to our executives, I’m driving communication plans for the entire company, I’m building out our security library, and I’m creating a face for SGS within Splunk so that the entire company will be able to see what we are accomplishing. This means crafting the organization’s internal website, creating a newsletter, and managing all communications out of the org.

It’s a big step up with a lot more responsibility and it even has some upward mobility as I continue to do well. One month in, I am being excitingly challenged, I have lots of really happy customers in my organization and I am building a bright and shining future both in my role and in my life with Karma. Honestly, I don’t know how I could be doing any better than this in a corporate environment. This is the best.

If you know of anyone looking for a great role in cybersecurity, Splunk is always looking for exceptional talent. Here is a current listing of the opportunities in my organization:


Happy Days indeed!


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