Stairs. Every. Day. (updated)

View-5One of the things that is really cool and different about being here is we don’t have a car. That means several things…

Since our fridge is tiny, it requires us to make daily trips down the hill for supplies and groceries, because that’s all we can fit into a backpack.

It also means A LOT OF STAIRS. Not quite uphill both ways in the snow, but usually uphill at the end of the day with a heavy backpack. (Thank you, Ken, you are a rockstar!)

While both of us found this to be challenging in the beginning, we find the stairs to be getting slightly easier with each and every climb…

And while Ken is clearly at the top of the leader board for trips down the hill, (we are keeping a daily tally) we have both seen how this makes life a little more colorful and maybe even more thoughtful, as we can’t just hop in the car and grab something from a store easily at the end of a long day.

View-7View-6Our stairs.[space_40]

Another great shot of our stairs from across the valley up on cemetery hill.

view - 316 - our stairs

5 thoughts on “Stairs. Every. Day. (updated)

  1. Stairs, the bane of my life. Yet, if I give them a chance, they actually become friendly after a while. I hope you two are finding your stairs more friendly day by day. Beautiful pics from every view. Thanks for keeping us up to date with your travels, Ken and Karma.

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