Street Life: a walk through the neighborhood

There was a request in one of the comments to highlight more of the local scene and people of Valparaiso. Here is a short video I made to show the hustle and bustle of the street. Not a particularly busy time or location. Just average. Should give some idea of the locals here and how they look going about their early evening.

5 thoughts on “Street Life: a walk through the neighborhood

  1. Loved the video. Didn’t know you had the skate board. Smart transportation. We were surprised by all the street vendors in front of the stores and the grafitti.

    • I packed my skateboard trucks (the wheels and axles) in my luggage and bought the new deck in Santiago. Had to walk more than 10 miles in the blistering sun to find a skate shop, but it was worth it. The new board is also too long to pack, so I’m gonna try to bring it on board as a carry-on. We’ll see of they make me check it or not.

  2. Karma your narrations on photo are such a pleasure to read. It is so nice to see a city care for their people by providing such nice parks for all to enjoy. I’d attempt to join in friendly card game.

  3. Thanks, Ken. My vicarious travel needs have now been met for today.
    Gracias, Ken. Mis necesidades de viajes experimentadas han estado satisfechas ahora para hoy.

    • Always happy to oblige. We’ve got a few more videos and we’re going to try and post a bunch more content today while our legs and feet recover from yesterday’s hiking.

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