The Ken and Karma Wallet Project (updated)

Karma and I have an exciting new project!

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A few years ago I realized that my wallet was just stupidly fat. It kind of felt like I was carrying around a softball in my pocket. I decided to try and simplify and slim it down. I ditched the thick leather for a (literally) paper thin Tyvek design, and that was great but I was looking for something more on the minimalist side.

This lead me to try various plate wallet designs, but I never found anything that really worked for me the way I needed it to.

Karma has been watching my dissatisfaction and decided to make me a plate wallet herself. After much prototyping, she came up with a design that is so fantastic, we’re working on having them manufactured for sale and we’re launching a crowd-funding Kick-starter campaign around the concept.

design-elementalsWe’re calling ourselves design elementals and we’re working hard on the campaign right now, testing prototypes, finalizing our product line, getting production details sorted, lining up suppliers, making our product video, etc.

We’re both working on this full-time and are making significant progress every day. We intend to launch in under 30 days, and hope to be going into production in under 60 days upon successful completion of the kick-starter campaign.

Watch this space for more details as soon as we can post them. When we get closer to the campaign, we’ll be able to talk about the name and the specific design elements including photography.

For now, I can reveal the kick-starter will consist of an entire product line of plate wallets featuring sustainable recycled materials (leather, bamboo, aluminum) and designed to last a lifetime.

We are REALLY excited about this!

Check out the details soon at

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