Look out below!

This is just one of the many stairways we have navigated. Holy cow, these scared the pants off me. Not only were they long and steep with only an occasional broken handrail, they were also starting to sag from age, so each step was slightly more tilted downward. Vertigo, anyone?view - 316 - steepest stairs


9 thoughts on “Look out below!

  1. Wow ,you guys with all the fun having. Thanks for taking the time to share your adventure, I especially like the unusual street views of everyday life there, I now have a feel for what it’s like there.

  2. Do you have to take the stairs to get from one place to the next or could you walk around without using the stairs

    • You can definitely walk around, but you have to climb just as much either way. The stairs are like short-cuts and save you walking a lot of extra distance.

  3. So good that you two are in good shape and have strong legs. I never would have guessed an area could have so many stairs. I noticed no pics of local people. Do they not like to be photographed. Locals doing their jobs or living their culture is interesting.

    • I’ve got some video coming up that features the locals and the bustling streets. For these street art and architecture views we’ve been trying to take really clean shots without people in the frames.

    • These stairs were really daunting though. The sheer steepness and odd angles really made them seem extra sketchy. Especially with tired and shaky legs. It still beat walking the extra 5-10 blocks to follow the street back down.

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